Whitetail Institute Cutting Edge Initiate 5#

Whitetail Institute Cutting Edge Initiate 5#
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Product Description

The Seasonal Supplement System With three special formulas, each developed around the nutritional needs for different times of the year, Cutting Edge enhances your deer's natural diet 365 days a year. The section below tells you when and why to use Cutting Edge Initiate, Optimize, and Sustain. As a total balance system, Cutting Edge Helps your herd achieve what they're capable of… from sound health to super racks!

Late Winter/ Early Spring Start Initiate in late Winter and provide it until the emergence of green vegetation…. A buck starts growing his antlers before nutrient-rich green vegetation emerges in the spring. Initiate contains a combination of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins (along with other ingredients) that deer can utilize for body condition and early antler development.